Green Alliance

The Green Alliance promotes & organizes for a greener Natchez through:

  • educating & promoting the recycling program.
  • reducing the use of styrofoam and other environmentally harmful materials.
  • supporting local food distribution systems. (planned for the future) 

11/30/17: Update on Natchez Recycles


The residential curbside recycling program has been TEMPORARILY SUSPENDED for four (4) months. If you would like to still recycle, there will be RECYCLING DROP OFF LOCATIONS.

The compactor behind the Natchez Convention Center (Wall Street) and Xpress Recycling in Vidalia (137 Vail Acres Rd) WILL RECEIVE THE ACCEPTABLE RECYCLABLE MATERIAL..

Plastics #1 & #2, paper/cardboard, and aluminum or steel cans. NO HAZARDOUS MATERIALS.

It is very important that recyclables remain contaminant free and free of food waste. Please make sure to break down all cardboard boxes.

Any questions? Call during business hours (601) 445-7518.

Thank you for your continued support of the recycling program. We need it more than ever.

Acceptable Household Recyclable Material

Please make sure the containers are rinsed and free of food. Caps are acceptable.
No plastic garbage bags. Please place recyclables in the bin "loose".

Look for recycling symbol #1 or #2, usually found on the bottom of the container.
• Beverage bottles
• Mustard, ketchup, and mayonnaise containers
• Shampoo bottles
• Clear and white milk jugs

Paper and Cardboard:
Paper must remain dry. If it rains on your scheduled pick up day, please keep your paper products inside and put them out on the next scheduled pick up date.
• Magazines, newspapers, phone books, catalogs, etc.
• Junk mail and envelopes
• Office paper supplies, poster board
• OCC-corrugates boxes (flattened)
• Boxboard (cereal and cracker boxes), paper egg cartons

All materials must be rinsed and free of all food.
• Aluminum cans
• Steel vegetable and soup cans

We DO NOT take:
• Glass
• Plastics #3-7 (styrofoam, plastic bags, solo cups, PVC ,etc.)
• Wax coated cardboard (meat boxes)
• TVs or monitors

Concordia Metal accepts computers and electronic equipment at their drop off locations. Computers and electronics are not acceptable in the curbside program.

• Hard drives
• Printers
• PCs, routers, modems, switches, servers
• Appliances (toasters, auto batteries, air conditioners, etc.)

If you aren't sure if a product is recyclable, don't recycle it! It is better to throw it away than to contaminate the whole load.