Click here for the Trail Map. The colorful waterpipe covers & arrows - placed occasionally in the sidewalk of each trail - indicate the direction and turning points. Hard copies of the trail map are available in the Visitor's Guide and at the Natchez Visitor Reception Center at 640 Canal Street. 

The Bluff Trail

Also known as the "Upper Trail," this linear walk along the Bluff shows the Mississippi River in all its glory. Start at any point on Broadway and you'll pass - from south to north - historic homes Rosalie and The Parsonage, the Gazebo (great for photos), the Bridge of Sighs (a reconstruction of a pedestrian bridge that was destroyed in the 1840 tornado), a fountain, the Trails Pavilion providing background on the Trails, and up the hill past the many historic homes on Clifton Ave. The sunsets are magnificent, and the views never get old. 

Distance: 0.78 miles     Difficulty: Easy, although as this is a straight line, you will need to double the distance with a return to a vehicle or other original location.

The St. Catherine Street Trail

A street of great significance to our town's African American history and culture, the St. Catherine Street trail is a linear walk with 32 cultural panels at historically significant locations. Start at the corner of Liberty Road & St. Catherine Street at the site of the Forks of the Road 19th century Slave Market, at the time one of the largest in the South. Continue past the site of the ACE (All Colored Entertainment) Theatre, the home of Emile Angelettey (a national landmark), the home of Dr. John Banks, Natchez’s first African American physician, the site of the Rhythm Night Club fire where 209 souls perished in 1940, and the "MLK Triangle," the hub of the Natchez Civil Rights Movement on Martin Luther King Jr Street. 

Distance: 0.85 miles     Difficulty: Easy, although as this is a straight line, you will need to double the distance with a return to a vehicle or other original location. 

The Nature Trail

Also known as the "Lower Trail," this shaded walk on crushed rock includes panels on local flora and fauna. The Nature Trail is in two sections:

1) Starting at Silver Street, descend the wooden stairs and walk past the trail deck overlook with a magnificent closeup of the Mississippi River and continue until you reach the base of Roth Hill Road where you have to start walking up a steep hill; and

2) halfway up Roth Hill Road, a pedestrian crosswalk leads you to the next section which ends at the wooden stairs at the corner of Madison & Learned's Mill Road (the north end of the trail). 

Distance: 0.43 miles      Difficulty: Medium, no disabled access

The North Trail

The North Trail winds through the northern side of central downtown Natchez with cultural panels at historically significant sites. Start at the Trails Pavilion on Broadway & Jefferson Streets, and you will pass The House on Ellicott Hill (one of our oldest houses), Stanton Hall and the Museum of African-American History & Culture. 

Distance: 1.35 miles      Difficulty level: Easy

The South Trail

Covering the southern part of central downtown, this sidewalk path will take you past Magnolia Hall, Stratton Chapel at First Presbyterian Church (with its fascinating collection of 20,000 photographs taken by Henry Norman in the late 19th and early 20th centuries), Temple B'Nai Israel, Memorial Park and St Mary's Basilica, and the Historic Natchez Foundation. 

Distance: 1.64 miles      Difficulty level: Easy